A rough overview of my architectural work.

Photos (c) Eva Wiesner

In cooperation with Arch. DI Silvia Dutka, DI Elisabeth Lunzer Pieringer


  • Guest house, Kashmiri India
  • Adaption, Apartement, S. 1070 Vienna
  • Front entrance, Carpenters, P.  Bgld.
  • Extension, family house, W., Bgld.
  • Adapt. concept hunting lodge, A. ,Bgld.
  • Extension, family house, O., Bgld.
  • Adaption, wine cellar, B. Bgld.
  • Concept, family House, A., Bgld.
  • Adaption, Villa, S., Niederösterreich
  • Adaption, riding stable, H+A, Bgld.
  • Holiday home, H., Silba, Kroatien
  • Adaption, family house, B., Bgld.
  • Extension, family house, W., Bgld.
  • Attic Extension, House S., Bgld.
  • Adaption, family house, P., Bgld.
  • Adaption, family house, H., Bgld.
  • Extension, family house, O.,Bgld.
  • Extension, family house, D., 1190 Vienna
  • Extension, family house, L., Bgld.
  • Adaption, family house, P., Bgld.
  • Concept family house, E., Are, Sweden
  • Concept Producthuset, W., Are, Sweden

Interior & Various

  • Design, bathroom, S., 1020 Vienna
  • Cost estimate, redevelopment, family house, F. Nö
  • Guidance system, adaption, mill, O., bgld.
  • Garden Design, Apartement, R., 1060 Vienna
  • Kitchendesign, Apartement, A., 1070 Vienna
  • Redevelopment, protected town house, F., Bgld.
  • Competition, church square, district council, Bgld.
  • Mobile Bar, B., Bgld.
  • As built plan, Carpenter, S., Bgld.
  • Interior Design, offices, VHS, Bgld.
  • Interior Design, seminar room, A., 1070 Vienna
  • Outdoor dining area, Schnitzlwirt, 1200 Vienna
  • Interior, boys room, B., Bgld
  • Kitchendesign, Apartment, F., Bgld.
  • Table Design, illuminated, A. 1100 Vienna
  • Oven design, modification, A., 1070 Vienna
  • Kitchen-bathroom Design, Apartment, F., Bgld.
  • Furniture Design, office, P., Nö
  • Design exhibition stand, tourism, S., Salzburg
  • As built plan, farmers house, G., Are, Sweden