ART GOES FUN  - Eva Wiesner

art that brings a smile to the world

Photos (c) Eva Wiesner



Sehr geehrte Frau DI Wiesner!

Ihre großartige Skulptur ist mir durch Zufall im 1ten Bezirk

"über den Weg gelaufen" und sie ist nun ein geliebtes Stück in der Wohnung

und bringt mich immer zum Schmunzeln.

Mit besten Grüßen und einem Dank für das Lebensgefühl,

das von Ihrer Skulptur ausgeht.



Eva Wiesner has no established style, she is an architect on many artistic paths.

 Her creative output is diverse, ideas are implemented in an unpretentious way and material.

Her deeply humorous approach to global themes is well-known.

In her current exhibition "Homo ludens", she presents works from the past two years and a new comic series,

with which she proves the skillful handling of words.

"HOMO ludens", Studio im 2ten, Floßgase 9, 1020 Wien

Artikel  in: “Wiener Zeitung”, Christian Hoffmann

I started to play with the single letters of the name EVI: This is the following output: unique, diverse, inspired, intelligent, intuitive –the other way round it reads: IVE : Somebody to always have fun with……..

These are the the two poles, we love and appreciate about and esteem high in Eva Wiesner.

She will not give up before she has not reached the bottom of the things and she even goes deeper than most of us, into the deepest of depths. Once there, she´ll go through and show up again and with her unique sense of humor, pointing out the complementary side, the funny cast, the satire! This subtle, cartoon – like humor shows in many of her works and encourages the viewers to look at the “big “ issues of life with a twinkle in his eye.

That makes her art so easily digestible and soothing! In all her exhibitions Eva Wiesner has a thematic focus dedicated to a selfcontained work cycle. Her art is inspired by trips, inner processes, and by meeting other people.  She, being a well studied woman, refuses any new studies in her personal art. “I´ve spent so much time on countless studies, now I know, I do not have to know anything”. The result are, unspoiled, immediate works of art, that to not submit to any style or classification……….

Excerpt opening speech WUK Vienna, "NUDE", Choram Christiane Werzowa

.....I will start with a quote of Georgia O‘ Keeffe, saying «To create one's own world in any of the arts takes courage.»

Eva´s got courage, a clear mind, all premises that lead to a creative process, like passion, interest, inspiration, vision,

joy to experiment, the will to realize - and that is the sum of endurance and hard work.

Will Gompertz –artcorrespondent at BBC- says „hard work is the unsung hero of every creative process“

But besides all these qualities, it is Evi's special heart humor, which makes her art so unique.

In any form of her creation, she manages to make the complicated easy or makes it appear as so ...

The colors in Eva's pictures, with their radiance, are a delight to our eyes and heart, make us smile or laugh.

A lot of the scenes shown have a high personal recognition value!

C.G. Jung would say at this point: "Often the hands can solve a mystery with which the intellect struggled in vain"

I am a great admirer of Eva's work and every day I am inspired by her works at home and in my office...........

Excerpt opening speech WUK Vienna, "Humor in colours", Christa Waibl - Wiesner

Eine Künstlerin, die immer für alle Techniken, Materialien und Malgrunde offen bleibt. Ob es sich um Popart, Abstrakt, Comics, Skulpturen, Outdoor-Installationen usw. handelt, entscheidet Sie immer in Bezug zur bevorstehenden Ausstellung und verwendet dazu passende Materialien. Ihre Werke vermitteln beim Betrachter stets gute Laune. Bei uns stellt sie einen kleinen Ausschnitt ihres Schaffens zur Schau, welcher auf ihre Vielseitigkeit und Kreativität hinweist.

                                                                                                           Vernissage am internationalen Frauentag, Text